GOLDEN GIRLS: La vie et la carrière de Estelle Getty / Life and career of Estelle Getty.

Présentation: (Wikipedia) Estelle Getty est une actrice américaine née le 25 juillet 1923 à New York, New York (États-Unis) et décédée le 22 juillet 2008 au matin à son domicile de Los Angeles [1]. Sa mort fut annoncée par son fils Carl Gettleman.

Estelle Getty découvre la comédie alors qu'elle n'a que cinq ans lors d'un stage de théâtre. Désireuse d'élever une famille elle n'apparaitra devant la caméra qu'en 1978 dans Team Mates, films indépendant et inaperçu de Steven Jacobson. Les années 80 lui sourient puisqu'elle figure à l'affiche de deux beau succès que sont Tootsie de Sydney Pollack et Mask avec Dustin Hoffman. Enfin après une période passée sur le petit écran elle revient près des projecteur avec Stuart Little et Ticket gagant.Toutefois, c'est la télévision qui lui offre son plus long succès grâce au rôle de Sophia Petrillo qu'elle interprète d'abord dans la série Les Craquantes, puis The Golden Palace un spin off de la première. Enfin,le personnage apparait également dans d'autres série à l'instar de Petite fleur ou de Nurse.Elle s'en est allée mardi 22 juillet a 5h30 du matin dans sa maison de Los Angeles. Elle souffrait depuis plusieurs années d'une grave maladie alliant les symptômes d'Alzheimer et de Parkinson. Ces deux partenaires dans la série, Beatrice Arthur et Rue McClanahan, ont été les premières à lui rendre hommage « Notre relation mère-fille [dans la série] était l'un des plus grands duo comiques, et jamais je ne l'oublierai » (Beatrice Arthur).

(ENGLISH) Estelle Scher-Gettleman (July 25, 1923 – July 22, 2008),[1] better known by her stage name Estelle Getty, was an Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning American actress, who appeared in film, theatre and television. She is best known for her long-running role as Sophia Petrillo on The Golden Girls from 1985 to 1992, on The Golden Palace from 1992 to 1993 and on Empty Nest from 1993 to 1995. In her later years, after retiring from acting, she battled Lewy body dementia.

Getty was born Estelle Scher in New York City, the daughter of Sarah and Charles Scher, Jewish immigrants from Poland who worked in the glass business.[2] Getty got her start in the Yiddish theater and also as a comedienne in the Catskills borscht belt resorts, and among her most notable stage roles was as Harvey Fierstein's mother in Torch Song Trilogy during its original Broadway run.
She is best known for her role as Sophia Petrillo on the popular 1980s sitcom The Golden Girls. Her character was the wise-cracking Sicilian mother of Dorothy Zbornak, played by Beatrice Arthur (the other main characters being played by Betty White and Rue McClanahan); in real life, Getty was in fact one year younger than Arthur. Getty won an Emmy Award in 1988 for Outstanding Supporting Actress.
During her time on the The Golden Girls, she wrote an autobiography, with Steve Delsohn, titled If I Knew Then, What I Know Now... So What? (Contemporary Books, 1988).[2] She further capitalized on her success by releasing an exercise video for senior citizens in 1993.
[edit] Personal life
Getty was married to Arthur Gettleman (whose name she adapted into her stage name) from 1947 until his death in 2004. Getty had two sons: Carl Gettleman, who lives in California, and Barry Gettleman, who lives in Florida.[3]
In 1991, as later reported in Star magazine, Getty helped to nurse her 29-year-old nephew Steven Scher, who was near death and suffering from the final stages of AIDS.[citation needed] Because Scher's parents lived in England and his friends were no longer able to care for him in Greensboro, North Carolina, Getty had him flown to California and admitted to hospice care. He died in January 1992.
In 2000, Getty stopped making public appearances after revealing she had Parkinson's disease and osteoporosis. In 2002, media reports claimed she was also suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Doctors later discovered she actually had Lewy body dementia; both the Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diagnoses were incorrect.[3] In 2003, Lifetime television hosted a Golden Girls reunion, but Getty did not appear due to her failing health.
[edit] Death
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On July 22, 2008, at approximately 5:30 a.m. PDT, Getty died in her Hollywood Boulevard home in Los Angeles from natural causes three days before what would have been her 85th birthday.[4][5][6]
Estelle Getty was buried in the Plains of Abraham (formerly Section 14) Jewish section, of Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, CA. She is interred by other entertainment notables like actors Paul Muni, Lester Allen, Felix Bressart, operatic baritone Arnold Gabor, early Hollywood film producer/screenwriter Jesse James Goldburg, former German filmmakers Joe & Mia May (Mandel), and 007 co-screenwriter Richard W. Maibaum.
Getty's Golden Girls co-stars reflected upon her death; Rue McClanahan told the Associated Press, "Don't feel sad about her passing. She will always be with us in her crowning achievement, Sophia." Betty White remarked, "The only comfort at this moment is that although Estelle has moved on, Sophia will always be with us." Bea Arthur said in a statement, "Our mother-daughter relationship was one of the greatest comic duos ever and I will miss her." [6] Arthur herself died from cancer less than a year after Getty, on April 25, 2009.
In honor of Getty, Lifetime TV – which aired reruns of The Golden Girls at the time; aired ten episodes of the series featuring the best of Sophia on Friday, July 25, her birthday. Fans voted for their favorite episode on Lifetime's website. The episode "Old Friends" received the most votes and was aired last during the marathon.